Business STrategy

Implementing change through effective programme and project management needs an effective strategy that is linked to requirements. We call this joining-the-dots.

  • Infrastructure problems – creating a strategy is often driven by the need to solve an operating problem, linked to risks or a need. When this problem is risk driven the standard mode is to “get some technology” (aka buy products), with each challenge requiring its own project
  • Stakeholder requirements – whether this is internal or to support an opportunity to generate revenue or margin for the company, often it will not be aligned the operating challenges above. Here the standard approach is “get me a solution” (aka buy services underpinned by technology), here there are often opportunities to meet multiple needs

Our approach is based on interaction across the different stakeholder groups to gather core requirements. We then identify synergies from available technologies and new solutions in the market; and then look at whether these can work in the current environment. Where possible we will look a the MVS (minimum viable solution) which could be as simple as a new process for existing technology; or a proof of concept demonstration.